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How people are kept safe when COVID-19 is in the community - New Zealand Income Support Survey

Under normal conditions, CBG Public Sector Surveying interviewers come to people’s doorsteps to ask them if they would like to participate in a survey.

And to carry out interviews CBG Public Sector Surveying interviewers visit people inside their homes at a time that suits the person being interviewed.

That won’t always be possible when COVID-19 is in the community.

But research is still critical at this time, to measure the wellbeing and experiences of the nation, and to work out how we can better meet people’s needs.

For this reason we will continue interviewing, but in a way that protects everyone’s health.

CBG Public Sector Surveying have worked closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure they protect people taking part in the survey and the interviewer team.

Here’s what they are doing:

  • They are doing contactless recruitment – that means where possible they work out whether people are eligible over the phone, and if they do knock at the door of a household as part of recruitment, they stand well back and wear appropriate PPE. All interviewers are fully vaccinated.
  • And they are providing the option of doing the actual interviews using a virtual platform. The virtual platform works a bit like a zoom call. If people don’t have access to a device that supports this, or don’t have data, there will be other options for making sure they get to have their say.