Two young guys sitting on a wharf.

About us and our work

Our responsibility as a government department is to lead social development to achieve better futures for all New Zealanders.

Our role

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is the lead agency for the social sector. We help the Government to set priorities across the sector, co-ordinate the actions of other social sector agencies and track changes in the social wellbeing of New Zealanders.

The Ministry provides policy advice and delivers social services and assistance to young people, working age people, older people, families, whānau and communities. We work directly with New Zealanders of all ages to improve their social wellbeing.

We serve over a million people, working out of more than 160 centres around the country. It is likely that every New Zealander will come into contact with the Ministry at some point in their life.

Our work, together with our social sector partners, is essential to achieving a sustainable and prosperous future, where all New Zealanders are able to take responsibility for themselves, be successful in their lives and participate in their communities.

Our purpose

We help New Zealanders to be safe, strong and independent. Manaaki Tangata, Manaaki Whānau

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Two young guys sitting on a wharf.

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We’re always looking out for talented, energetic, creative and dedicated people who want to make a difference.

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