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How people are invited to take part - New Zealand Income Support Survey

Households from across the country are being randomly selected to be invited to participate.

From each selected household, selected adults aged 18-64 are being asked if they would like to check their eligibility for the survey, and if they are eligible they are invited to take part.

People don’t have to be receiving income support to be able to take part in the survey.

The initial invitation comes by a letter accompanied by an information pamphlet.

The letter includes details of how to get in touch with CBG Public Sector Surveying if people:

  • have any questions
  • would like to check their eligibility
  • would like to let CBG Public Sector Surveying know that they are isolating or don’t want to take part.

The survey is completely voluntary. People don’t have to take part.

If they do decide to take part, they can skip any questions they don’t want to answer.

If they start the survey, they can stop at any time. They can take a break and then continue. Or they can choose not to continue.

If they choose not to continue, their answers up to that point will not be kept.