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About MSD

Our Ministry is all about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities.

It’s a big job - we’re tackling some of the big issues in society, like family violence.

We’re working towards this through providing:

  • employment, income support and superannuation services
  • funding to community service providers
  • social policy and advice to government
  • student allowances and loans
  • social housing assistance.

This is not work we do alone. We work closely with other government agencies, non-government organisations, advisory and industry groups, and communities and iwi. Together we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of New Zealanders.

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We’re always looking out for talented, energetic, creative and dedicated people who want to make a difference.

About our organisation

We’re structured to provide the best service possible to New Zealanders in need.

From housing and employment services to discounts for older people, we help New Zealanders from all walks of life.

We have work underway to deliver a future where we are making a bigger and better difference in people’s lives.

The Ministers we report to.

About our Leadership Team

The legislation we administer to support our business.

New Zealand’s welfare support over the years.

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