What we can do for

Individuals / He Tangata

We’re here to help people be successful in their lives.

How can we help?

Looking for work

Work and Income will work with you to identify your needs, match you to appropriate vacancies and support you with your search for work.

Financial assistance

Work and Income may be able to provide financial assistance if you’re struggling to support yourself or family. This can include help if you’re not currently working or if you are on a low income.


StudyLink can provide you with advice and information on study options, the kinds of funding available, and how to get the most from your investment.

Support for young adults

Youth Service

Youth Service supports young people aged 16 to 17 years and parents aged between 16 and 18 most at risk of long-term benefit receipt into education, training or work-based learning. It helps young people gain the skills they need to get employment and create a future for them and their family.

Work and Income offer a number of services for young people aged 16 to 19 to help improve skills through education, training, work or other related activities.

Public housing

Work and Income will work with you to identify your housing needs, provide advice about housing options, and assess people for public housing.

How to find services

You can search for contact details of over 6,000 family and community services using their Family Services Directory.

Community Links are where people can get help for a range of needs by a variety of social services and agencies in one place. These services could range from simple financial assistance through to advocacy, support, education and counselling services.

Heartland Service Centres

Heartland Service Centres provide access to government services and information in rural communities. They provide an opportunity to meet face to face with government agency representatives.