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Financial mentors

Financial mentors provide a one-on-one service focused on financial wellbeing.

They work alongside a person and whānau, building trust and understanding the complexity of their needs, empowering them to get control of their money.

Financial mentors have a non-judgemental approach and sound financial knowledge.

The right support at the right time

Financial mentors support people to make connections with local networks and social services to ensure they get the right support at the right time.

This could mean the financial mentor:

  • supports and empowers clients to navigate the system to control debt by negotiating reduced payments or generating additional resources
  • advocates on a client’s behalf as they are often too stressed to negotiate with creditors or other lenders on their own
  • refers clients to other providers or supports (these can include iwi, Work and Income, health support services, housing providers, etc.)

Financial mentors also:

  • support a client and their whānau to set meaningful goals to get control of their financial lives. This can include a focused Financial Plan of Action
  • assess whether a client may benefit by sharing and learning in group support such as MoneyMates .

BFC Plus

  • BFC Plus providers work with financial mentors to link people with more complex needs with Kahukura intensive support services.
  • Access the BFC Plus resources.

Resources for financial mentors

  • A range of guidance and resources is available for financial mentors. This includes the BFC Services Guidelines and tools to help clients set goals and track their outcomes.
    Access the guidance and resources

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2 friends sitting at a table illustration
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