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Building Financial Capability

What is Building Financial Capability?

Building Financial Capability (BFC) is a range of services and products that help people and whānau to improve their financial wellbeing.

BFC takes a strengths-based approach to empower people to get control of their money, set goals and achieve long-term, sustainable change.

Who can use BFC services?

Anyone who wants advice about their personal or whānau finances can use BFC services and products for free. People can go directly to services themselves or be referred by other people or organisations.

Contact the free financial helpline MoneyTalks for confidential advice and to be connected to BFC services.

BFC services, products and support

  • Financial mentors – one-on-one service focused on helping individuals and whānau with their finances
  • MoneyMates – peer-led support groups that encourage people to learn from others as they talk about money and finances
  • Building Financial Capability Plus Kahukura – intensive support for people with complex needs
  • The Generator – a community action initiative that aims to support income-generating activities by providing seed funding for micro enterprise
  • Microfinance and Debt Solutions - affordable accessible credit for people and whānau on low to medium incomes

Budget 2022 funding

Our Newsroom has information about Government's $21 million investment over two years to support BFC services for individuals and whānau.

This page has more detailed advice on the funding for BFC providers.

Financial Capability in Aotearoa New Zealand

Where we are now, where we want to be, and why it matters.

All New Zealanders have the right to financial wellbeing - this paper states MSD’s priorities and goals through to 2024 for financial capability services.

Guidance and resources for BFC providers

This section is filled with useful information for providers of all BFC services, including our requirements for reporting results and client outcomes.


This section has information about the development of the BFC system, and some completed initiatives.