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Results Based Accountability

Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) is a simple, common sense framework which communities and organisations can use to focus on results/outcomes to make a positive change for their communities, whānau and clients.

RBA encourages a range of partners to share their ideas about what works to make their unique contributions towards the wellbeing of whānau and communities.

RBA helps us to keep the focus on who or what we are targeting and what we want to achieve, and it insists on us answering the question “how are our communities, whānau and clients better off?” as a result of all our effort.

RBA has been successfully used for many years both in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and internationally by social service and health providers, government agencies, local government and community groups, spanning neighbourhood and city wide safety initiatives, arts and recreational programmes.

It was developed by Mark Friedman, author of the book, Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough.

RBA resources

This is a practical ‘handbook’ for everyone exploring and using RBA.

People are using RBA all around the world - the website below provides tips and lessons on the RBA framework in practice.

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