Simon MacPherson is the Deputy Chief Executive Policy

The Policy branch is made up of the following:

Welfare System and Income Support

General Manager Fiona Carter-Giddings leads three policy teams: Income Support (two teams) and Welfare System to ensure NZ has an effective income support system and appropriate system-level settings to support a welfare system that enhances wellbeing for New Zealanders.

Employment and Housing

General Manager Hayley Hamilton (acting) leads three policy teams: Employment Support (two teams) and Housing to improve housing outcomes for New Zealand’s most vulnerable people and advise on MSD employment programmes for groups of New Zealanders who are disadvantaged in the labour market.

Social Development, Child and Youth

General Manager Molly Elliot leads three policy teams: Social Sector, Child and Youth and Regional Development. These teams provide policy advice on MSD’s participation in wider social and regional development, social sector initiatives as well as child and youth related policy.

Disability, Seniors and International

General Manager Julia Bergman leads the Disability, Seniors and International Policy Group. The group includes the Office for Seniors, Enabling Good Lives and the Office for Disability Issues with the Seniors, International, and Disability policy teams.

Policy Deputy Chief Executive (DCE) Office

Director Stephen Manning leads the Policy DCE Office team. The team provides individual support and advice to the DCE; strategic management support to the Senior Management Group (SMG); strategy and planning, reporting and accountability and corporate management support to the Branch. The team also takes the lead on policy performance assessment and reporting and manages key business processes.

Response to Historical Abuse Inquiry

Chief Advisor, Sarah Dwen, leads the Response to Historical Abuse Inquiry team. The team coordinates and supports the Ministry of Social Development’s response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in State Care and Religious Institutions.