Organisational Assurance and Communication

Organisational Assurance and Communication

The Organisational Assurance and Communication group is responsible for ensuring the overall integrity of MSD’s operations by making sure there is ongoing compliance with legislation and policy, communication with the public and stakeholders is effective, and Ministers are supported.

Melissa Gill is the Deputy Chief Executive Organisational Assurance and Communication.

Organisational Assurance and Communication is made up of the following teams.

Ministerial and Executive Services

Ministerial and Executive Services support and assist Ministers, the Leadership Team and Ministry staff when responding to public interest in the work of the Ministry. Their key role is to ensure the accountability and transparency of the Ministry is maintained and Ministry information is accurately conveyed to the public in a timely manner.

Legal Services

Legal Services provide internal legal services to all units across the Ministry, advising on all matters including policy development, commercial contracts and defending Ministry decisions before tribunals and courts.

Health, Safety and Security

Health, Safety and Security provide advice and services on the health, wellbeing, safety and security of our people and clients.


The Information team provide advice on privacy matters (as the MSD Chief Privacy Officer function), information security (as the MSD Chief Information Sector Officer function) record keeping, library services and in general to ensure information assets are accessible but also adequately protected, controlled and secured.

Workplace Integrity

Workplace Integrity provide independent assurance, advice and support to the Chief Executive, Risk and Audit Committee and the Senior Leadership Team about the integrity, effectiveness and efficiency of the systems, processes and controls that MSD relies on to deliver services to all New Zealanders.

Communications and Engagement

Communications and Engagement is responsible for leadership of MSD-wide (‘central’) communications and engagement strategy and delivery with a focus on media and public affairs. It also leads cross-Ministry initiatives and provides advice to the Leadership Team.

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