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Our strategies

We have work underway to deliver a future where we are making a bigger and better difference in people’s lives. It’s about working differently with our clients, whānau/families, iwi, communities, partners and providers.

Te Pae Tawhiti – Our Future

Te Pae Tawhiti – Our Future is our strategic direction. It’s about how we will achieve our purpose and help New Zealanders achieve better outcomes. Te Pae Tata and Pacific Prosperity underpin Te Pae Tawhiti.

Te Pae Tata – Te Rautaki Māori me te Mahere Mahi

Te Pae Tata is our Māori Strategy and Action Plan which will guide how we will work and deliver better outcomes for Māori in New Zealand.

Pacific Prosperity – Our People, Our Solutions, Our Future

Pacific Prosperity – our Pacific Strategy and Action Plan is an opportunity to respond the changing context for Pacific in New Zealand.

The Pacific Strategy and Action Plan will help inform future policy agenda and to deliver stronger co-ordinated action with and for Pacific peoples in collaboration with partner agencies, non-government stakeholders and service providers.

Voices of Pacific peoples, families and communities