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Nadine Kilmister – Acting Deputy Chief Executive, Organisational Assurance and Communication

Role and responsibilities

Nadine Kilmister

Nadine leads the Organisational Assurance and Communications group. This group is responsible for:

  • ensuring the overall integrity of MSD’s operations by making sure there is ongoing compliance with legislation and policy
  • communication with the public and stakeholders is effective,
  • ministers are supported.

The teams in this group include Legal, Risk and Assurance, Communications and Engagement, Ministerial and Executive Services, Information, and Health, Safety and Security.

What working for the Ministry means to me

We have the opportunity every day to make a difference for the most vulnerable in our society and that is both a privilege and a responsibility. I was raised with the notion of being ‘others-centric’ and I believe this can be realised through a stewardship leadership model.

When I have seen our organisation at its best, we all operate as partners and as a result we are empowered and able to serve and innovate to the best of our collective ability.

It’s important that we create and nurture an environment where staff are empowered and enabled to make a difference in their communities.


Nadine has spent most of her working life in the Ministry, particularly with Child, Youth and Family. She took up the role of Acting DCE Organisational Assurance and Communication in October 2019.

Her substantive role is Director of the Office of the Chief Executive – which she has held since 2014. Nadine’s previous roles have included a period as Acting Deputy Chief Executive Corporate and Governance where she was responsible for Ministerial and Executive Services, Planning, Performance and Governance, National Communications, Information Services, Legal Services and Client Advocacy and Review.

Nadine is the sponsor for the now 800-strong MSD women’s network.

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Cultural dancing.
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