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Navigating By Keyboard

On this Page:

For those navigating the site using a keyboard or keypad device, there is a consistent order of navigation through each page.

Helpful links

At the start of each page there are four links which enable those using aids such as screen readers to move easily around the page.

They appear in the following order immediately after the title of the page:

  1. Go to the main site navigation
  2. Go to the beginning of the content
  3. View the access keys for this site
  4. Go to the site search

At the end of page there is a link back to the top of the page available for those using screen readers and other aids.

Keyboard or keypad users can also bypass the tab order to directly access sections of the site by using access keys.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which will take you to some commonly used pages or links on this site without having to use a mouse.

To activate the access keys, use the following functions.

Windows PC
Browser Function
IE11 ALT+AccessKey then let go, then Enter
Chrome ALT+AccessKey
Firefox ALT+Shift+AccessKey

Browser Function
Chrome, Firefox, Safari Control+Alt+AccessKey

Key Destination
0 View the access keys for this site (this page)
1 Home
2 Site map
3 Search
4 About this site
9 Contact page
. Return to the top of the current page
[ Go to the beginning of the main content
/ Go to the New Zealand Government website portal