BFC COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund Conditional Grants

BFC COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) Conditional Grants totalling $1.773m have been paid to 90 BFC providers.

This final part of government’s Budget 2020 investment in the CRRF has been distributed to providers who have COVID-19 recovery plans.

A contestable grants funding round was conducted in October and November 2021 to obtain and assess providers' proposals.

All BFC core and BFC Plus contract holders were invited to submit a short online application for one conditional grant up to a maximum of $22,000, choosing one purpose from this table:

Conditional grant purpose

Examples of projects that will be funded


  1. Increase the capability of the BFC workforce (including cultural capability)
  • Actual cultural capability, professional skills, technology staff training achieved


  1. Upgrade BFC providers technology, communications, or online presence
  • Technology purchases (laptop, tablet, smartphone), or
  • Marketing plan including an up-to-date website, and regular social media postings


  1. Providers develop improved policies and procedures
  • Work to prepare for Accreditation at a higher level
  • May include application to Te Kāhui Kāhu (preferred but not mandatory)


  1. Enable improved governance systems/processes
  • Governance improvement
  • Actual systems/process improvement work


  1. Support small to medium sized providers through COVID-19 impacts on their financial position / viability
  • Improvement in this financial year's financial position
  • Sustainability


The successful applicants

Ninety BFC providers received $1.773m in total.

Ninety-two applications were received; four applicants agreed to minor changes to their proposals and two applications were declined.

Some providers requested a grant smaller than $22,000 as they considered that is all they needed to achieve their grant purpose.

Grants must be substantially spent by 30 June 2022 and no continued funding is available. Successful recipients will provide a 130-word report on their use of the conditional grant by 10 July 2022.

List of successful applications

Download the complete list of providers, size of grant, and how they'll be using the funds.

Key dates

Mon 18 October 2021

Fund opens

Mon 8 November

Fund applications close

Week of Mon 15 November

Social Procurement team worked with providers and relevant Regional Relationship Managers on applications requiring review

Mon 22 November

Providers advised if their applications have been approved

Mon 29 November

Grant offer documents sent to all successful providers

Wed 1 December

List of conditional grants published

By Fri 31 December

Grants paid to providers (one payment of $22,000 or less)

By Mon 31 January 2022

Grants paid to collective providers

By 30 June 2022

Grants must be substantially spent

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