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Information releases

Listed here, by topic, are documents that have been released proactively by MSD.

We have released these documents proactively because they are in high demand, or we expect that they will be in high demand.

MSD Reports

Royal Commission of Inquiry - Mosque Attacks

This release includes advice provided by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in the lead up to the release of the report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry Report into the Attack on Christchurch Mosques (RCOI).

Youth Service Review 2018/19

These documents outline findings and recommendations from the Youth Service Review, undertaken in 2018/2019. This involved extensive consultation with over 1,250 young people, and external and internal stakeholders.

Independent assessment highlights MSD’s focus on early fraud intervention and prevention

An independent assessment commissioned by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) into its fraud practices has shown the Ministry is headed in the right direction in its overall approach to fraud.

Latest Cabinet papers

Proactively releasing information promotes good government, openness and transparency, and fosters public trust and confidence in agencies. MSD supports the proactive release of Cabinet papers in line with the guidance set out in the Cabinet Manual and Cabinet Office Circular (18) 4.

Reports to the Minister for Social Development

Each month we publish the titles of all the reports that the Ministry of Social Development provided to the Minister for Social Development and the Minister for Disability Issues.

Reports to Parliament

These are reports to the House of Representatives made under s92K of the Human Rights Act 1993

Employment, Education and Training (EET) secretariat

Data Collection and Reporting of Job Creation Initiatives across Government

This paper sets out the approach agreed by agencies across government, and endorsed by EET Ministers, to collecting data on the employment results from ‘job creation’ initiatives funded through Government’s COVID response and recovery initiatives.

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