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Proactively releasing information promotes good government, openness and transparency, and fosters public trust and confidence in agencies. MSD supports the proactive release of Cabinet papers in line with the guidance set out in the Cabinet Manual and Cabinet Office Circular (18) 4.

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14 September 2023

The Equitable Transition Strategy is focused on seizing the opportunities and managing the impacts of our transition to a low emissions future in a way that is fair and inclusive. The Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee agreed to defer the publication of the draft Strategy to allow time for further consideration.

14 September 2023

The paper seeks authorisation to submit the Social Security (Temporary Additional Support—North Island Weather Events TAA Programme) Amendment Regulations 2023 to the Executive Council.

8 September 2023

The Social Security (Additional General Provisions Child Support Payments) Amendment Regulations 2023 (Amendment Regulations) 2023 relate to the recently enacted Child Support (Pass On) Acts Amendment Act 2023 and were necessary to ensure that child support payments can be correctly classified and charged as income, in accordance with the policy intent.

4 September 2023

The paper sought Cabinet agreement to the Social Sector Recovery Plan (the Plan), which sets out the approach of the social sector to recovery from the recent North Island extreme weather events and brings together activities to ensure a coordinated approach to social sector recovery across government. The Plan aims to ensure that recovery activity and investment is targeted towards areas of need in a way that supports regional priorities.

24 August 2023

This paper sets out decisions to establish the North Island Weather Events - Temporary Accommodation Assistance (NIWE TAA) for displaced homeowners with private rental arrangements.

22 August 2023

Amendments to the Student Allowances Regulations 1998 are required to give effect to the previous Cabinet decision to waive the three-year residency stand-down period for student allowances for family members of those directly affected by the Christchurch mosques attack, starting study on or after 1 January 2024.

21 July 2023

This paper seeks Cabinet agreement to the scope for the Community Connector workforce from 1 October 2023.

12 July 2023

These papers are the Horizon One Detailed Business Case for the Ministry of Social Development's (MSD) Te Pae Tawhiti Transformation Programme, which will make it easier for New Zealanders to get the support they need from MSD and its partners.

6 July 2023

The New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006 aims to promote and maintain the use of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), but despite the Act, the use of NZSL is declining which represents a significant threat to Deaf people’s identity and wellbeing.

4 July 2023

The Cabinet paper seeks Cabinet Legislation Committee’s authorisation to submit the Amendment Regulations to the Executive Council to make the routine technical adjustments to the Residential Care Subsidy settings to account for inflation in accordance with the Consumers Price Index as part of the 2023 Annual General Adjustment.

23 June 2023

Endorsement of the organisational model for the new Children and Young People’s Commission (the Commission) was required, with the Commission being established on 1 July 2023 under the Children and Young People’s Commission Act 2022.

7 June 2023

These papers propose that the Cabinet Legislation Committee authorise the submission of the Privacy (Information Sharing Agreement between Inland Revenue and Ministry of Social Development) Amendment Order 2023 to Cabinet and the Executive Council.

6 June 2023

This paper seeks authorisation for submission to the Executive Council of the Social Security (Cash Assets and Income Exemptions—Kāinga Ora Energy Subsidy) Amendment Regulations 2023 and the Student Allowances (Income Exemptions—Kāinga Ora Energy Subsidy) to ensure that subsidies provided as part of Kāinga Ora’s Pilot Winter Energy Study (the pilot) are excluded as income for the purposes of the Social Security Act 2018, the Public and Community Housing Management Act 1992, and the Student Allowance Regulations 1998.

6 June 2023

Amendments to the Social Security Regulations 2018 and the Student Allowance Regulations 1998 to ensure that subsidies provided as part of Kāinga Ora’s Pilot Winter Energy Study are excluded as income for the purposes of the Social Security Act 2018, the Public and Community Housing Management Act 1992, and the Student Allowance Regulations.

25 May 2023

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee (FADTC) conducted the parliamentary treaty examination of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure (OPCP). T

17 May 2023

In November 2019, the Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee (SWC) agreed that progress towards Mahi Aroha: Carers’ Strategy Action Plan 2019-2023 (Mahi Aroha) would be reported on annually to the Committee. Under this Cabinet mandate, the responsible Minister for the Carers’ Strategy and Mahi Aroha, are required to orally update SWC every year.

11 May 2023

The Bill implements the Child Support Pass On policy. A Bill is necessary as amendments to existing legislation are required to implement the proposed policy changes.

3 May 2023

Amendments are required to the Social Security (Rates of Benefits and Allowances) Order, Social Security Regulations, Student Allowances Regulations, Oranga Tamariki (Minimum Rates of Payment for Board and Lodgings) Order, Health Entitlement Cards Regulations and Residential Care and Disability Support Services Regulations. These amendments are required to give effect to the 2023 Annual General Adjustment, and related regulatory matters from previous Cabinet decisions to index hardship assistance income limits and pre-commitments to increase main benefit rates and Childcare Assistance income thresholds.

1 May 2023

These papers outline decisions which give effect to the oversight of the Oranga Tamariki system.

24 April 2023

These papers represent a formal statement of Government positions on the human rights of older persons in New Zealand, responding to recommendations made by the former Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, on her visit to New Zealand from 2 to 12 March 2020.

20 April 2023

Cabinet agreement to a further $2.5 million in supports as part of the recent flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle response.

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