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Proactively releasing information promotes good government, openness and transparency, and fosters public trust and confidence in agencies. MSD supports the proactive release of Cabinet papers in line with the guidance set out in the Cabinet Manual and Cabinet Office Circular (18) 4.

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14 June 2022

These papers are the Strategic Assessment and Programme Business Case for the Ministry of Social Development’s (MSD) Te Pae Tawhiti Transformation programme which will enable MSD to deliver services that are easier to use, more accessible and integrated.  The programme will also modernise MSD’s technology and improve the secure use of data and information.

13 June 2022

This paper fulfilled two invitations from Cabinet to report back on the Care in the Community approach and sought agreement to a plan to support communities after the peak of Omicron.

19 May 2022

This paper provides an update on progress toward the establishment of a Ministry for Disabled People (‘the new Ministry’) and the national implementation of the Enabling Good Lives approach to disability support services and identifies future opportunities for further disability system transformation once the new Ministry is established and fully operational.

19 May 2022

This paper reports back on the detailed design of the accessibility framework that takes a progressive approach to identifying, preventing, and removing barriers to participation for disabled people, tāngata whaikaha and whānau whaikaha Māori and others with accessibility needs.

13 May 2022

This Cabinet paper sought Cabinet agreement to an extension to the Christchurch Mosques Attack Welfare Programme from 5 June 2022 up to 30 June 2023.

26 April 2022

Amendments to the Student Allowances Regulations 1998 are required to extend eligibility for student allowances to those who gain refugee or protected person status while living in New Zealand, prior to applying for or gaining a New Zealand resident visa, and their immediate family who can transition to residency with those holding refugee or protected person status.

26 April 2022

Report REP/22/2/050 and A3 Appendix 1 provide a 2021 progress report to the Minister on Mahi Aroha: Carers’ Strategy Action Plan 2019-2023.

19 April 2022

This paper seeks agreement to conduct an expense transfer in the Māori Trades and Training Fund (MTTF) appropriation of $33.319m from 2021/22 appropriations to future years, when it is expected to be spent. This expense transfer will allow the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to honour multi-year contracts with Māori entities providing by-Māori-for-Māori training to achieve better employment outcomes for Māori.

7 April 2022

This paper sought agreement to a revised Care in the Community (CIC) welfare approach that aligns with revised settings across the three phases to manage Omicron and additional funding to respond to anticipated costs of phase 2 that particularly impact on the community sector.

31 March 2022

The Annual General Adjustment is a statutory requirement to adjust rates of social assistance on 1 April each year. Additional policy changes, such increases to main benefit and student support rates agreed through Budget 2021, are also being progressed on 1 April through this process. Indexing the Blind Subsidy thresholds is part of the Annual General Adjustment of benefit rates and thresholds.

10 March 2022

This Cabinet paper seeks approval to drawdown previously allocated Budget 2019 funding to deliver Te Haoroa – MSD’s data warehouse replacement programme. It is supported by an implementation business case that seeks to modernise the foundations of MSD’s data warehousing capability with a fit-for-purpose, flexible, cloud-based solution, provided as a managed service.

28 February 2022

This paper outlines the components of the system that support individuals and households self-isolating.

22 February 2022

An extension to the increased income limits for hardship assistance for a further four months through to 30 June 2022 will provide sustained support to help a wider cohort of low-income families meet their immediate and essential costs as they respond to and recover from the current COVID-19 resurgence.

21 February 2022

This paper seeks agreement to a whole of system welfare approach targeted to people who need support to be able to safely self-isolate at home under the new COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF).

16 February 2022

This Paper sought Cabinet agreement to adopt a relational approach to commissioning, seven underlying principles and a direction for change. We have also released key advice papers that informed Ministers leading up to their decisions. These papers are a point in time and may not align fully with final decisions.

3 February 2022

Cabinet approval for additional funding in the Housing Support Products (HSPs) capped appropriation is required to ensure the support remains available for the 2021/2022 financial year. The paper also identifies gaps in the current HSP system and the disadvantages experienced by tenants in the private rental market.

27 January 2022

This joint Cabinet paper seeks agreement to further reprioritise funds from Vote Education’s Outcomes for Target Student Groups MCA and draw down funds from the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, to meet ongoing increased community need for food access and other essential wellbeing items in response to the emergence of the COVID-19 Delta variant – covering the two week period from 11 September 2021.

27 January 2022

The above papers detail amendments to the Student Allowances Regulations 1998, that allow people holding a permanent resident visa under the Afghan Emergency Resettlement Visa to be eligible for student allowances immediately.

26 January 2022

This joint paper seeks agreement to reprioritise funds from Vote Education’s Outcomes for Target Student Groups MCA and Vote Social Development, to meet increased community need for food access and other essential services in response to the emergence of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

26 January 2022

This paper seeks Cabinet agreement to provide temporary funding of $13.55 million to be drawn from the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) to meet anticipated demand for food and other essential wellbeing items.

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