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Te Huringa ō Te Ao - How it works

Service development provides an opportunity for communities to reimagine support for men by centering whānau voice. Service development will be community-led and nationally-supported.

Providers will determine what type and level of service development will enhance their support for men, their whānau and their community.

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Step 1: Onboarding

Onboarding includes whakawhanaungatanga, sharing resources, and regional workshops to better understand the kaupapa.

Step 2: Service Development

The first two and a half years of the contract will be flexible for providers to do both service development and service delivery.

Providers will determine the intensity of service development that is needed to enhance their support for men, their whānau and their community. Service development can include making small tweaks to your current services or refining your service, designing a small part of your service, or redesigning the service completely, testing your service with whānau, and/or continuous improvement through service delivery.

Providers will capture their service development intentions into a service development plan.

We will walk alongside providers throughout this process and support you to achieve your aspirations for your whānau and community. You can utilise their own frameworks, processes, and people and/or MSD can offer examples and help facilitate.

  • If you have an idea or concept, we can walk alongside you to bring it to life.
  • If you want to embark on a design process, we will ask you what support you would like
  • If you are happy with what you will deliver, we can support you to test this model and focus on continuous improvement.

Through Te Huringa ō Te Ao, we aspire to be a better partner and enable providers and communities to explore what is the highest potential for this mahi. Our approach may change over time as we learn alongside you.

Step 3: Service Concept

Within 2.5 years, all providers must submit a service concept. A service concept describes what you are delivering for Te Huringa ō Te Ao. We will walk alongside you to develop and refine your service concept. When ready, your service concept will be incorporated into your contract.

Step 4: Service Delivery

Providers can start service delivery immediately or after their service development. The remaining contractual period of up to 7 years will focus on service delivery.

Ultimately, Te Huringa ō Te Ao aims to deliver services that support sustainable behaviour change for men to restore whānau wellbeing.

Resource hub

We have developed a resource hub that contains key materials for Te Huringa ō Te Ao.