Lead Toolkit

Lead Toolkit - For employing disabled people

Disabled people are a fabulous untapped talent pool of loyal and committed employees. They bring a perspective that can help transform an organisation’s culture, client relations and performance for the better.


Sonja Eriksen
Principal Disability Advisor

First published February 2016
Updated January 2021

Ministry of Social Development
on behalf of the New Zealand Government

ISBN: 978-1-99-002347-7 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-99-002348-4 (online)


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The Lead Toolkit contains information and resources for business owners, leadership teams, managers and human resources teams to help them employ disabled people within their businesses.

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Busting the myths about disabled employees

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Six myths and the facts about disabled employees.

Check out the top myths about employing disabled people.

Section 1: About this Toolkit

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Section 1 outlines what disability is, and how the tooklit can help you.

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Section 2: Employing disabled people - committed leadership

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This section provides employers and business owners with tools on how to provide a clear commitment to employing and retaining disabled people.

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Section 3: The Employment Cycle - advice for management and human resource teams

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This section of provides advice to hiring and people managers to ensure that they can confidently recruit and maximise the potential of disabled employees throughout the employment cycle.

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Section 4: Advice for managers

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All employers benefit when their business invests in more skilled and confident managers through guidance and training. Managers often set the tone for the team and drive team culture.

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The conclusion section features a handy checklist for employing disabled people.

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