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Weekly Reporting

An overview of income support, and hardship assistance, delivered each week by the Ministry of Social Development.

The data file provides the figures used to produce the Income Support Weekly Update and includes timeseries data on main benefits, Jobseeker Support by Regional Council, and other selected data cuts.

Latest Income Support Weekly Update releases

The Income Support Weekly Updates are released each Friday at 10am. Publishing times may vary during weeks with a public holiday.

Previous reports for 2021 have been archived, and are available on the weekly reporting archive page.

Income Support Weekly Update - A3

Income Support Weekly Update - Data file

Wage Subsidy August 2021 reporting

As a result of the most recent lockdown, there has been higher demand for information on engagement with MSD’s services, particularly around the Wage Subsidy and how this lockdown compares to the first lockdown last year. To support this, we have published two new analyses which will continue to be updated for the duration of the Wage Subsidy:

Wage Subsidy Scheme employee information

Analysis of demographic, regional and industry information of employees supported by the Wage Subsidy Scheme.

Comparison of the most recent lockdown to the first lockdown

Dashboard comparing key income support metrics from the most recent lockdown to the first lockdown (March/April 2020).

Protecting client information - confidentiality

All information in the Income Support Weekly Update has been randomly rounded to base 3. The information found in the supporting data file has been rounded independently from the Income Support Weekly Update A3.

From 12 February 2021, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is applying a range of new confidentiality procedures to public data releases. These procedures will continue to protect client information, while making more data available. To find out how we have changed the way we work with client information visit:

Previous Income Support Weekly Update releases

Previous Income Support Weekly Updates have been archived by year and can be accessed below:

Reporting archive

Reporting archive 2020 (COVID-19 Reporting)

The data file for 25 December 2020 also contains the full year of data for 2019.