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Monthly Reporting

An overview of benefit and supplementary assistance data.

The Monthly Benefits Update compares the present month with both the previous month and the same month in the previous year. The commentary highlights key points from the update. Further comparisons can be found in the supporting data file.

The data file provides the figures used to produce the Monthly Benefits Update and contains selected data cuts. 

Latest Monthly Benefits Update release

Monthly Benefits Update - A3 

Monthly Benefits Update - Data file

*A minor data issue affected Territorial Authority reporting for Auckland City and Far North District between February 2023 and April 2024. We have corrected this in our June 2024 releases.

Monthly Benefits Update - Commentary

Release timetable

The Monthly Benefits Update will be released on the following dates:

Monthly edition Published
July 2024 16 August 2024
August 2024 13 September 2024
September 2024 11 October 2024

Social Development data application

For an interactive view of the Ministry’s data, please see our Social Development Data application at:

How we report ethnicity

From December 2021, we introduced a new reporting approach called ‘total response’. Making this change means we recognise all aspects of someone’s ethnicity and allows us to represent the full diversity of communities, whānau, and people in Aotearoa. This reflects our clients more accurately, aligns our approach with Statistics NZ’s reporting, and reflects best practice.

Ethnicity is about people’s identity and sense of belonging. Ethnicity measures cultural affiliation, rather than race, ancestry, nationality, or citizenship. Ethnicity is self-perceived and people can identify with more than one ethnic group. Previously, we reported ethnicity using an approach called ‘prioritised ethnicity’. Prioritised ethnicity meant that we allocated people to a single ethnic group in an order of priority. The priority previously used by MSD was Māori, Pacific Peoples, Other, and NZ European.

Confidentiality - Random Rounding

From 12 February 2021, MSD started applying a range of new confidentiality procedures to public data releases. These procedures will continue to protect client information while making more data available. To find out how we have changed the way we work with client information, please visit:

Previous Monthly Reporting

Previous Monthly Benefits Update releases have been archived and can be accessed below: