addressing gender and ethnic pay gaps (small)

MSD's Focus and commitments to addressing the Gender and Ethnic pay Gaps 2022/23

Partnerships, themes and consultation

The theme for 2022/23 is to create partnerships between MSD’s Māori Partnerships and Programmes teams, Pacific Prosperity teams, employee led networks and key partners in each of the three focus areas. By working in partnership MSD aspires to create systems and pathways of development that are inherently inclusive and designed with our Māori employees, especially Māori women, in the forefront, upholding Te Tiriti O Waitangi partnership responsibilities. MSD also strives to uphold a strong partnership with the internal Pacific Prosperity teams to ensure there is a continued focus on uplifting the Pacific peoples at MSD and ensuring the drivers for the gender and ethnic pay gaps are deliberately addressed. Alongside these parties this action plan has been developed in partnership with Ngā Kaitūhono and Public Service Association (PSA/union) consultation with internal Diversity and Inclusion Steering Groups, Employee Led Networks and open forums for all employees at MSD.

MSD’s commitment to te ao Māori

The starting point and initial mission for Te Pae Tata (MSD’s internal Māori Strategy and Action Plan), is to embed a Māori world view throughout the organisation. Some of our employees are already knowledgeable in te ao Māori and are capable of working with Māori in ways that are mana enhancing. However, there is opportunity to ensure all employees have that same capability so whānau, hapū and iwi are confident they will receive the best possible services no matter where or how they connect with MSD. This has provided the foundation and guidance for addressing the Māori gender and ethnic pay gaps, and ensuring the actions are set in the context of Māoridom.

MSD’s commitment to Pacific Prosperity

Our Pacific strategy – Pacific Prosperity – aims to rejuvenate MSD’s delivery and engagement of services for Pacific peoples, families and communities, so they are safe, thrive and flourish in Aotearoa. Pacific Prosperity is underpinned by the foundational principles of cultural acceptance, leadership, spirituality, family, integrity, love, excellence, and partnership. These principles along with continued partnership with the Pacific Prosperity team and Pacific peoples have guided this action plan as it addresses the drivers in the Pacific context of the GEPG.

Key areas of focus for 2022/23

Figure 8. MSD’s focus areas for 2022/23
Figure 8. MSD’s focus areas for 2022/23

Our focus areas (Figure 8) encapsulate the knowledge, passion, and commitment for the 2022/23 Gender and Ethnic Pay Gap Action Plan. It has the six key pou from Kia Toipoto as the overarching themes that hold this plan together, as well as highlighting MSD’s three key focus areas central to these actions:

  • Recruitment
  • Remuneration
  • Leadership development and representation.

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