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How we support and deliver services to New Zealanders

We work with more than a million people each year who need our assistance for all sorts of reasons. This could include financial support to reduce hardship, help to re-enter the workforce, temporary or permanent assistance to lead an independent life, support to increase safety and wellbeing, a safe, warm and dry house, a student loan, support with the costs of childcare, or New Zealand Superannuation.

In 2017/2018 we gave advice to the Government on social policy (including on income and employment support, public housing [23] and the needs of disabled people and seniors), employment support and training, and provided New Zealanders with:

  • assessment and payment of welfare benefits, financial support for non-beneficiaries, New Zealand Superannuation, Veterans’ Pensions, support with accommodation costs, financial support for students, and child-related benefits
  • support to enter, re-enter, or become ready to enter, the workforce
  • housing assessments and services, including funding for the delivery of emergency and transitional housing
  • funding for community service providers and support for families and communities
  • investigation and resolution of claims of abuse and neglect in State care before 2008.