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Mana manaaki – A positive experience every time


We will be warm and welcoming to all New Zealanders. We will listen with respect and compassion and be open and fair.

  • We want people to feel comfortable dealing with us, be aware of all the support that is available to them and be confident they will receive it.
  • We will work with people so they get the support that is right for them and their situation, so they feel empowered and have greater choices about the services they receive.
  • We want all people, whānau, families and communities to know they will be treated fairly and with respect, and that we care about them and their future.
  • We will encourage open discussion and engagement with our clients as we want to know about their experiences and for them to know they will be listened to.
  • Cultural competence of our people is important, so culture and/or ethnicity is not a barrier to providing optimal service and support to everyone who needs it.
  • We will use the data we collect responsibly, including client and provider views and experiences, to understand what options best support different needs.
  • Technological developments will help people to connect easily with us in new ways, including the use of digital channels. We will continue seeking clients’ input into the design of tools for engaging with them, and ensure their voice is heard and included.

The korowai inspires us to be warm, kind and treat people and whānau with care and dignity – their experience of us should be mana enhancing.