We Enable Us

We Enable Us is a public sector network providing leadership on effective and inclusive employment of disabled people in the public sector.


Disabled people choose to work in the public sector because they are valued for their contribution and merit. Disabled people are welcomed into the workforce and flourish because of it.

Who can join the network?

We Enable Us is open to disabled employees in the public sector, and their allies and supporters.

Support from We Enable Us is available to individuals, as well as teams and agencies at regional and national levels.

Disabled employees are people who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, including non-visible impairments, which can create barriers or hinder their participation in the workforce.


The purpose of We Enable Us network is to:

  • breakdown myths associated with employing disabled people, drive a change in attitude, and create a fully inclusive and supportive public sector workforce
  • ensure there is consistent employment practices across the public sector when hiring and retaining disabled people in employment
  • be visible and readily available to support colleagues, staff and agencies in the public sector.
  • help public sector agencies establish their own Disability Employee Networks
  • support agency representatives and sponsors through the sharing of expertise, resources, experience and ideas.


We Enable Us seeks opportunities to:

  • be champions and a unified voice for disabled people in the public sector
  • address unconscious bias and discrimination
  • engage senior leaders, mangers and staff to build capability and confidence in working with disabled people
  • advise on what is working well in the public sector and monitor what is happening in other spaces
  • work with other public sector networks on common issues
  • share stories and experiences of disabled people in the workforce and offer agencies feedback based on those experiences.


By July 2022, We Enable Us aims to demonstrate a cultural shift toward creating an inclusive public service with disabled people recognised in all tiers of the public sector.

Contact us

Please contact us if you’d like to:

  • know more about how we can support you, your team or your agency.
  • join the network.


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