Checklist for assessing an organisation’s ability to attract and retain disabled people.

The checklist is a tool to assist the senior management group identify and prioritise areas for improvement. This will provide you with a benchmark of where currently are in building an inclusive workplace and assist you in your endeavours to increase the employment of disabled people in your organisation. This information can assist you to build your accessibility plan and monitor progress with the plan that has been developed.

The checklist is available as a download at the right column of the page.

High Medium Low Checklist
There is internal top-level support for the employment of disabled people in our organisation
We have a good understanding of the business case for including
disabled people in our workforce
We have a reputation as being an employer of choice for disabled people
We have implemented an Accessibility Plan
We know how many disabled employees are in our workforce
Disabled people routinely apply for positions
We have reviewed our recruitment processes to ensure they are
barrier-free to disabled people
We have policies and procedures for making reasonable
accommodations for all employees, including those who are disabled
Our human resources team know how to make reasonable
accommodations for disabled candidates and employees
We offer flexible work conditions
Our employees know the procedure when an employee tells us they
have a disability
Disabled employees participate in training and development as
frequently as other staff
When redundancies are made, we review the demographics and
ensure that disabled people are not over-represented

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