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Campaign for Action on Family Violence: The It’s not OK campaign

The It’s not OK campaign aims to create conditions that support attitude and behaviour change to reduce family violence in Aotearoa. Since its launch in 2007, the campaign’s strategies, messages and calls to action have evolved in response to new research and evaluation findings

Phases 1 - 3 focused on social norms, stories of positive change, and the role of helpers and influencers

The three phases have increased New Zealanders’ understanding of family violence and enabled communities to take action against family violence and shift social norms.

  • ‘It’s not OK’ (social norms) – 2007: This phase launched the campaign and aimed to help people understand what family violence is.
  • ‘It’s OK to ask for Help’ (stories of positive change) – 2008: This phase focused on users of family violence to show them that change is possible and that help is available when they want to change their behaviour.
  • ‘It’s OK to Help’ (helpers and influencers) – 2010: This phase aimed to increase the skills and confidence of everyday New Zealanders as helpers and influencers.

Videos for the first three phases are available on our YouTube channel. Some of the campaign research from these phases are available on the Are You Ok website.

Phase 4 focuses on recovery, change makers, supportive environments, and influence

In Phase 4, we are more targeted in our approach to tackling family violence by helping men become violence free. The campaign reset its strategic intent, beginning with a new Framework for Change. The goal of this new phase is: 'A safer Aotearoa New Zealand, where more men are violence free'.

Strategic focus for phase 4

Recovery: Mobilising men using violence around positive behaviour change

Change makers: Mobilising influencers, both formal and informal, to promote men’s healing, change and healthy masculinity

Supportive environments: Working with communities so that they support positive behaviour change and safe relationships

Influence: Continuing to address social norms that promote or reinforce the use of violence, including gender norms

Work to achieve phase 4 outcomes

To achieve these strategic outcomes, we are working on several workstreams and projects.

Mobilising and growing changemakers and disrupters

  • #ChangeIsPossible digital and social media platform provides a place where men can learn, talk, and support each other through journeys of change.
  • Change Is Possible - Changemaker Fund - Changemaker Fund supports initiatives that allow men to explore and adopt positive and safer ways to be fathers, partners, brothers, and mates. We are accepting applications from 10 April 2023 for up to $30,000 for individuals, groups or organisations that are working to lead change with men in their communities.

Supportive communities for men on change journeys

We are funding Community Discovery Projects where, instead of doing research on men, we do it with them and their communities to uncover conditions that support positive change. There are currently two community-based projects in Tairawhiti and Tauranga Moana.

Promoting help-seeking

Through our campaigns and channels, we look to promote messages, tools and resources to prompt men towards help-seeking and positive behaviour change.

The Campaign for Action on Family Violence is reviewed regularly and refined based on the latest research and findings. We will publish new findings as the campaign evolves.

Some of the research is available below:

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