Terms and conditions of grant - Community Support Package

The Ministry of Social Development (the Ministry) is paying the grant to Provider Legal Entity under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Provider Legal Entity must only use the grant for the initiative.
  2. Provider Legal Entity will inform the Ministry of any funding you receive from any other source for the initiative.
  3. Provider Legal Entity agrees to acknowledge the assistance of the Ministry in any publicity about the initiative.
  4. Provider Legal Entity will not do or omit to do any act that brings the Ministry into disrepute.
  5. Provider Legal Entity will repay a portion of the funding paid by the Ministry, if Provider Legal Entity does not satisfactorily deliver the initiative; or does not complete the initiative because this grant is terminated.
  6. This grant is a one-off contribution to the initiative for the term. The Ministry cannot guarantee that there will be any money available to further fund the initiative after the term and Provider Legal Entity should not expect or rely on continuing funding.
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