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Benefit fact sheets archive - to June 2013

The Ministry of Social Development produces quarterly information on numbers of working-age people (aged 18-64 years) receiving main benefits. This includes national information, as well as a range of information that breaks New Zealand down geographically.

The June 2013 fact sheets were the final quarter release using the previous benefit categories, and continue the same series that has been published over the last 10 years.

National benefit fact sheets

These fact sheets provide information on all working-age people receiving main benefits. There is a factsheet on each main benefit, as well a headline benefit fact sheet which provides an overall view of recent trends.

Regional benefit fact sheets

Work and Income divides New Zealand into 11 administrative regions, containing over 170 service centres. Regional benefit fact sheets show overall statistics for each administrative region and for service centres within each region.

Auckland Local Government Boards benefit fact sheets

Auckland City is made up of 21 local government boards. From the quarter ended September 2011, fact sheets are available on these local government boards, showing data grouped or at the individual board level.

Auckland City boundaries differ from the former Auckland regional council boundary and the boundaries of the territorial local authorities which previously existed in the Auckland area. Data in the Auckland local board fact sheet should therefore not be compared with fact sheets for Auckland regional council or for territorial local authorities previously existing in the Auckland area

These fact sheets provide statistics showing numbers of people in Auckland local government boards receiving main benefits. They will be updated on a quarterly basis.