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Social issues

MSD plays a role in policy design and implementation and service provision across the entire social sphere and these reports touch on a wide range of issues that affect New Zealanders.

These research reports and documents have been released as part of a programme of work to develop a research archive and improve access to historic research previously not released by the Ministry. We will potentially be adding to this page over time.

Coping without a car - how do senior citizens cope?

2004 |

A research report from 2004 responding to the NZ Positive Ageing Strategy that looked at the role of private transport in the lives of New Zealand's older people. Researchers asked older people about the effects of no longer driving on the quality of their life and what alternative arrangements they had to make.

Combating ethnic discrimination

2009 │

This working paper from March 2009 looks at a range of international initiatives designed to combat ethnic discrimination and promote respect and social cohesion. The paper found that leadership, communication and legislation were all required to make a difference.

Home for Life

2012 |

A 2012 evaluation report on the Home for Life policy examined how well the policy was working. The evaluation found that the policy helped children in care to achieve safe and stable homes in the short-term, but it was not clear that the policy enhanced permanent care rates for the children.

Family violence prevention services for Pacific people

2012 |

This report comprises a stocktake of providers delivering family violence prevention and intervention services to Pacific people and communities as at June 2012. The report first identified service providers and then documented the types of services offered, challenges faced by providers and areas where they could be better supported.

Social Sector Trials: Geospatial impact analysis

2015 │ ISBN 978-0-9951240-6-6

A report assessing the early impacts of the Social Sector Trials on young people's outcomes using area and school data. This early analysis found no significant impact across the range of outcomes measured.

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