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Proposed Policy Changes to the New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran's Pension Legislation Amendment Bill

09 July 2020.

In February 2020, the Minister for Social Development sought Cabinet agreement to three policy changes, for inclusion in the New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension Legislation Amendment Bill.

Cabinet gave approval for Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee to have power to act on the paper, so that the agreed changes could be included in the Ministry of Social Development’s supplementary departmental report on the Bill.

One change ensures that New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension are not affected by any overseas benefit or pension received by or on behalf of a superannuitant’s dependent.

The remaining two changes aim to make the benefit system work as expected following the closure of the non-qualified partner provisions by ensuring that:

  • in all cases where when one partner gets a reduced rate while they are in hospital, their partner in the community is treated as if they were single
  • beneficiaries are treated as well if their partner receives Veteran’s Pension as they would be if that partner received New Zealand Superannuation.

The Ministry of Social Development provided the Social Services and Community select committee with a supplementary departmental report reflecting these changes. The select committee adopted the changes in its report.

The documents refer to a commencement date of 1 July 2020. This date was later changed to 9 November 2020. Documents related to that change are available here.

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