MSD's Technology Strategy 2022

Technology Strategy 2022

The Technology Strategy represents our focus on becoming a modern, digital and responsive organisation, delivering transformed experiences and outcomes for New Zealanders.

The strategy defines our transformation roadmap and underpins our core foundation activities inclusive of:

  • 1.0 Digital experience – people, whānau and partners empowered to access information and services anytime
  • 2.0 Service enablement – enabling unified, prompt, high quality and personalised experiences at every touchpoint and across all channels
  • 3.0 Unified ecosystem – Actively enabling the unified partner ecosystem, which will underpin the future of digital government and NZ public services
  • 4.0 Enabling better insights – enabling personalised, proactive and preventative services and an organisation that leverages insights to improve services, operations and policy
  • 5.0 Digital workplace – empowering our people with modern tools to work productively and collaborate easily
  • 6.0 Digital workforce – digitally adept, agile and collaborative, embodying a culture of learning and innovation.

These themes are underpinned by seven core foundations, which will require working in partnership with our suppliers.

MSD's Technology Strategy 2022
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