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Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2020/21

At MSD we are committed to reducing our gender pay gap. Our Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2020/21 outlines what we will do to continue to close the gap.

The Action Plan focuses on six key areas:

  1. Equal pay – We will ensure all employees are recognised and rewarded fairly regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.
  2. Flexible work – We will support the uptake of flexible work options across MSD, becoming a ‘flexible by default’ agency.
  3. Gender-balanced leadership – We will maintain a minimum of 50% of women in the top three tiers of MSD leadership and improve on this through targeted development programmes and supports.
  4. HR practices – We will ensure there is no bias or discrimination in our people practices.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion – We will meet the needs and aspirations of all our people, so they can thrive.
  6. Reporting and communication – We will be open and transparent about our progress and seek feedback and ideas from our diverse workforce.

We will focus our actions towards specific groups who are disadvantaged to support the career growth, progression and wellbeing of all our employees. We will align our actions with our strategies: Te Pae Tawhiti, Te Pae Tata and Pacific Prosperity.

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MSD's Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2020/21
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