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Delivering Social Services Every Day brings together an overview of the social sector

Delivering Social Services Every Day illustrates the breadth and depth of the social sector and how organisations are increasingly interconnected.

Every Day sets out how we are doing and includes practical examples of what is changing.

It is designed to illustrate the work being done with a lifetime view – that is, looking at the factors impacting a person throughout their life and identifying when support would make the most impact – rather than simply focusing on issues as they arise.

Every Day contains practical examples of how organisations throughout the social sector are doing things differently at the front line, as well as examples of what each agency does, every day. It also describes some of the key changes happening in the services that are available and how they are delivered. Bringing this information and the examples together illustrates the opportunities for creating even more innovation and collaboration.

The Ministry of Social Development encourages you to read Delivering Social Services Every Day and see how working across the sector can improve the lives of New Zealanders. Over the next year, social sector agencies will continue to explore how we can best support people working together across the social sector.

Delivering Social Services Every Day will be available in HTML format shortly.

Every day cover image
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