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Our role and outcomes

We are the lead agency for the social sector. Our services are important to every New Zealander at some point of their life or their family’s life. We help government to set priorities across the sector, to co-ordinate the actions of other social sector agencies and to track changes in the social wellbeing of New Zealanders. We do this by providing evidence-based advice to government, through working with other government and non-government organisations, employers and industry, private organisations, advisory groups, communities and iwi.

We have six outcomes:

  • more people get into work and stay in work
  • more children are safe
  • more young people stay on track
  • reduced re-offending by young people
  • improved quality of life for older people
  • communities are better able to support themselves.

Our core business is to provide services to those in need, helping people to help themselves and to be successful in their lives. We do this through:

  • leadership across the social sector, and providing funding to community service providers
  • the statutory care and protection of children and young people,
  • youth justice services, adoption services and funding to community service providers
  • employment and income support services, New Zealand Superannuation and the administration of New Zealand’s international pension portability
  • family services, providing support, information and advice for families
  • and communities
  • student allowances and loans
  • ensuring the integrity of the benefit system
  • challenging antisocial attitudes and behaviours
  • access to concessions and discounts for senior citizens and people with low incomes.

Our services will touch the lives of all New Zealanders.

Annual report 2011 mandatory image

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