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Privacy of your information

How written submissions will be used

The Ministry of Social Development, Inland Revenue, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Treasury are jointly working on the review of Working for Families.

The information you give the Ministry of Social Development by sending us your submission will be used to inform the Government’s review of Working for Families.

Please note your response may be shared with one or more of the agencies listed above, where the Ministry of Social Development believe it is appropriate, to inform the review. Any personal information (including contact details and email address) that you include in the text or other content of your submission could be shared with the agencies listed above. Any information the Ministry of Social Development shares with those agencies will be transferred to them securely.

Reporting of findings

Your response will be analysed for themes, put into a report and shared with the Government agencies listed above. The report will be shared with Ministers responsible for the Review, to inform their decisions. The Ministry of Social Development will also publish on its website a summary of the report. These reports will be presented in such a way that you will not be identified.

Contact details for other queries

Please note this is not the right place to discuss your personal circumstances relating to Working for Families, or any of the services you receive from the agencies listed above. Submissions should not be used to make a complaint, update your circumstances, make Official Information Act Requests or Privacy Act requests.

If you do wish to contact the Ministry of Social Development or Inland Revenue about your individual circumstances or make an Official Information Act or Privacy Act request, please get in contact through:


All general inquiries: 0800 559 009

Contact MSD

Inland Revenue

Working for Families enquiries: 0800 227 773

Official Information Act or Privacy Act requests: 0800 775 247

Contact IRD