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MSD’s family violence and sexual violence initiatives

MSD is leading work on the following projects:

Strengthening family violence services

Strengthening MSD-funded family violence services. This work focuses on working with providers and communities to strengthen the delivery of services for whānau and families. The objective is to build a sustainable future for family violence services that is whānau-centred, outcomes-focused and integrated.

Sexual violence service development

Developing specialist services to better support victims/survivors and prevent sexual violence. This focuses on:

  • sexual violence crisis services
  • support for victims/survivors of sexual violence going through the criminal justice system
  • services for male victims/survivors of sexual abuse, the development and capability building of kaupapa Māori services
  • harmful sexual behaviour services for non-mandated adults (that is, people who haven't been directed by a court to attend a treatment programme or be assessed) and
  • concerning sexual ideation services (that is, people who have harmful sexual thoughts but have not yet acted on them).

Family violence prevention

We are working to prevent family violence by partnering with whānau, hapū, iwi, communities, leaders, champions, and key organisations. We use prevention approaches that focus on building protective factors which increase resilience, build communities, and changes attitudes and behaviours.

Supporting community-led responses to family violence

MSD is working with our community partners and Te Puna Aonui partner agencies towards greater integration of family and sexual violence sector decisions and responses in communities throughout New Zealand.