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Frameworks for change in Family Violence (2019-2023)

The Ministry of Social Development has launched three five-year frameworks (2019-2023) for MSD’s key family violence prevention initiatives – E Tū Whānau, Pasefika Proud and The Campaign for Action, with its primary campaign It’s Not OK.

Each initiative has its own particular community focus and audience, but the collective impact of this work is to create long term positive change for families across Aotearoa.

Communities have been central to the development of this work. This reflects clear evidence showing that to bring about sustainable behaviour change and build stronger communities, they must be involved in the solutions.

While crisis services are critical, prevention initiatives are also vitally important. Over time, prevention initiatives can reduce harms and costs leading to widespread benefits.

This work will be crucial in the Government’s COVID-19 response and recovery. It will support some of our most vulnerable families and communities to build strength and resilience as they face the impacts of COVID-19.

This body of work also makes a valuable contribution to the Government’s cross-agency Joint Venture and the development of a national strategy for the elimination of family and sexual violence.

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E Tū Whānau

E Tū Whānau is a kaupapa Māori initiative which has also been embraced by former refugee and migrant communities. Emerging evidence validates the importance of cultural values and constructs to engage whānau and communities and to trigger behavioural change. It is considered a world leading model for partnerships between indigenous communities and government to address significant social issues.

Thumbnail showing cover page of Pasefika Proud - Pathways for Change 2019-2023

Pasefika Proud

Pasefika Proud has been developed in partnership with Pacific communities in New Zealand. It supports ethnic-specific leadership and action and acknowledges that Pacific cultures (including faith) are strengths that can maintain and restore wellbeing to children and their families and prevent violence.

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The Campaign for Action on Family Violence

The Campaign for Action on Family Violence, with its primary campaign It’s not OK, uses public health, community action and social marketing approaches to shift harmful norms and attitudes, and promote positive behaviour change in men.

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