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Accessibility Charter training

What is the training?

The 2-hour free workshops on digital accessibility are run by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) in collaboration with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and members of the Disabled People Organisations (DPOs). The workshops are open to all staff from central government organisations, including Public Service and Non-Public Service departments, Crown Agencies, District Health Boards, as well as local government bodies.

The 2021 training sessions are held online monthly via Zoom.

What is covered in the 2-hour workshops?

  • Develop an understanding of why accessibility is integral for engaging effectively
  • What is the Accessibility Charter
  • Web Standards introduction
  • Inclusive design and accessible information
  • Alternative formats required by disabled people
  • Presentations from people with disabilities and why accessibility is important to them.

A commitment to the Charter

This is an MSD-led initiative as part of our commitment to the Accessibility Charter work. Our commitment is to assist with making our online content accessible for people with disabilities, as well as help put in place procurement measures that take account of accessibility before IT systems are purchased.

Next bookings available

  • 18 August
  • 8 September
  • 13 October
  • 10 November
  • 8 December

How to register

To register for the next available session, contact accessibility@msd.govt.nz.

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