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Form for requesting alternate formats

This form is for commissioning translations into alternate formats – New Zealand Sign Language, Braille, Audio, Large Print, and Easy Read.

Before completing this form, please read the Guide to requesting a translation into alternate formats.

Please download the Word version of the form, complete it, and email it along with your final content to be translated in a Word document to: accessibility@msd.govt.nz.

If you have any queries, email us at accessibility@msd.govt.nz or phone "Alternate Formats" on 029 902 4372.

Please complete all form fields. Do not leave any fields blank. If the field does not apply to your request, this needs to be indicated.

Download the Word version of the Form

Job details

Job name / topic  
Agency or organisation  
Contact person name  
Contact person phone  
Contact person email  

Cost centre or purchase order for invoicing


Invoicing contact name


Invoicing contact phone


Invoicing contact email


Postal address of agency or organisation


Physical address of agency or organisation


Date of request


Date quote needed


Date final translations needed


Note: Quotes may take 10 working days to be completed. Once you have accepted the quotes, we will confirm the timeframes for translation.

If there are changes to the final material submitted, there will generally be changes to the costs, and the changes may also impact on timeframes.

Content details

About the content

About the content

Please tell us about what you need translated.

Also, tell us:

  • the full names of all documents for translation
  • who is the main audience?
  • what the audience is required to do (e.g., do they need to engage with the material in a specific way? If they need to contact you, what are the ways they can do this?)

For surveys and other feedback processes, provide a weblink, email address, free-call number, Txt for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and NZ Relay. All these contact options are required for the process to be accessible.

Note: We generally translate summary documents of up to five to ten pages, rather than full reports.



Provide any additional background information to give context for the work for the translators and list any documents attached.

For example, if an executive summary is being translated, also provide the full document the summary relates to.



Where will the content be housed?

If there is an existing website, provide the link.



List any logos that will be used, including logos of other agencies mentioned in the material.

Also, ensure:

  • you attach the logos in EPS or PNG formats
  • all agencies have provided consent to use their logos.

Note: All logos that will be used must accompany this completed request form, even if provided previously for other translations.

Primary logos: (i.e., main branding logos to be used on the material)


Additional logos: (i.e., any other agencies mentioned in the document but not needed for branding)



List any specific branding guidelines that need to be met, including colour and typeface.


Other information

List and describe any links in the document, such as those to other information or resources.

When a hotlink is provided, the equivalent full URL is also needed.

Note: We need to know if all links are currently active or not.


Other media or design elements

Describe any media or design elements needed.

Attach any relevant files.

For example:

  • visual diagrams
  • photos of people who are quoted (ensure you have their consent to use the image)
  • headings to be used as signposts in the video
  • design elements
  • a still image for when the video cannot be viewed
  • descriptions of information that is not text - e.g., images, diagrams, photos.

Submitting the form

Please email the completed form and the final content in a Word document to accessibility@msd.govt.nz.

This form aligns with the process outlined in the Accessibility Guide: https://www.msd.govt.nz/accessibility-guide

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