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G. Reduce financial disincentives to working

316 people provided feedback on this proposal.

Level of support for proposal

What we plan to do in 2014/15 and later years:

  • 116 people strongly agreed
  • 123 people agreed
  • 45 people neither agreed nor disagreed
  • 19 people disagreed
  • 13 people strongly disagreed.

The order we are planning to do them:

  • 61 people strongly agreed
  • 153 people agreed
  • 74 people neither agreed nor disagreed
  • 25 people disagreed
  • 20 people strongly disagreed.


This section was overwhelmingly the most supported section of the long term plan.

Suggested changes to the long term plan

Include cost of disability in this work.

Include the issue of support not being available to people who are engaged in part time work (less than 15 hours).

Suggested actions for Work and Income

Make the system easy to understand.

Suggested actions for government agencies

Work with other government departments when completing this work.

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Boys playing rugby.
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