Family Violence - Are you ok??

Campaign for Action on Family Violence: Four Research Reports

Family violence is a significant social problem in New Zealand causing economic, social and health problems for victims and witnesses of violence. It is estimated to cost the country $1.2 billion per annum. The Taskforce for Action on Family Violence ‘It's not OK' Campaign is an initiative that aims to change how New Zealanders' think about and act towards family violence. The Campaign uses a social marketing approach based on a mass media campaign and community action.

The Campaign is guided by ongoing research undertaken by the Ministry's Centre for Social Research and Evaluation. The first four research reports have been released and can be accessed below.

Attitudes, Values and Beliefs about Violence within Families: 2008 Survey

This survey was developed to measure the attitudes, values and beliefs held by New Zealanders with regard to violence within families. The purpose of the survey was to understand existing attitudes towards family violence.

The objectives of the survey were to:

  • gauge New Zealanders' definitions of family violence
  • measure the awareness of family violence
  • measure the attitudes in New Zealand about family violence
  • gauge the propensity of New Zealanders to take action against family violence.

The survey was a face-to-face survey conducted between May and August 2008 by Research International Ltd. The total weighted sample size for the survey was 2,444 people aged 18 years and above, with an overall weighted response rate of 57 per cent.

Community Study Summary Report

The Community Study investigated the impact of the Campaign for Action on Family Violence in four New Zealand communities - Christchurch, Porirua, Te Tairawhiti (Gisborne) and Waitakere.

Key goals of the research were to explore the community context into which the Campaign was launched and to determine if and how the Campaign is making a difference to understanding, discussion and action on family violence.

In each community, local researchers interviewed providers and users of family violence services, and members of the general public. This report is a summary of the findings of the Community Study from the four communities.

An Innovative Approach to Changing Social Attitudes around Family Violence in New Zealand: key ideas, insights and lessons learnt

This aim of this research was to:

  • articulate the key ideas, messages and approach of the Campaign for Action on Family Violence
  • review the evidence to better understand how well the Campaign is working
  • focus on lessons and insights that can be used to inform the future development of the Campaign and enhance future government-led initiatives.

The research was informed by a critical analysis of relevant literature relating to family violence, social change and social movements, policy documents and other information and research related to the Campaign and interviews with stakeholders/key informants.

Report on Giving, Receiving and Seeking Help

This research was undertaken to inform the next stage of the Campaign for Action on Family Violence, as well as other Government and community initiatives.

This aim of this research was to understand people's willingness, confidence and capacity to give and receive help; with a focus on:

  • what action people can take to prevent family violence and when
  • where it is hard to take action and why
  • what might make it easier
  • what offering help looks like

A further focus of this research is to identify the conditions that encourage help giving and receiving help, especially what motivates someone to take action to prevent or stop family violence, and the barriers that prevent giving or receiving of help.

The information was gathered from qualitative interviews with victims and perpetrators of family violence and the people who tried to offer help and stakeholder surveys.

Family Violence - Are you ok??


Attitudes, values and beliefs about family violence within families

Apr 2010

Community study summary report

Apr 2010

An innovative approach to changing social attitudes around family violence in NZ

Apr 2010

Report on giving, receiving and seeking help

Apr 2010

Key findings

Apr 2010

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