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In-Work Support evaluations

The In-Work Support (IWS) service and the In-Work Support Payment (IWP) were designed to motivate clients to remain in work during their first 12 months of employment after receiving a main benefit, with the intention of increasing clients’ likelihood of long-term employment.

The IWS service trial began in February 2015, with Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) providing IWS clients with information, broad support, and referrals to other services.

The IWS trial had capacity to support up to 6,000 clients over three-years. CSRs supported three groups of clients: High Entry-Exit Clients (HEEC), who frequently leave and return to a main benefit; people who had received a benefit with a health condition, injury, or disability (HCID); and those who had received the Jobseeker Support benefit (JS). Under IWS clients received regular phone, email, and text contact from their CSR who can provide the advice and support they need to stay in employment.

In Work Support is now a BAU service offered to clients by Work and Income.

The following three papers evaluated the service trial:

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