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16 May 2019

The Ministry of Social Development has made changes in its approach to cases of high risk fraud investigations.

1 May 2019

Each year $750,000 is made available for policy-relevant research using Growing Up in New Zealand data.

10 April 2019

Auckland University of Technology research funded by the Ministry of Social Development’s Children and Families Research Fund looks at the prevalence, school readiness outcomes and protective factors around adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in New Zealand children.

17 March 2019

Our Christchurch offices will be open again as normal tomorrow morning to assist those in need in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attack in Christchurch, says Ministry of Social Development chief executive Debbie Power.

16 March 2019

The Ministry of Social Development has extended its contact centre hours today, Saturday 16 March, from 8am to 8pm to provide support for people dealing with the tragic events in Christchurch.

7 March 2019

Mothers, on average, take 25 weeks leave from work when they have a child, their use of teacher-led early childcare education (ECE) services increases with the hours a mother works and with the age of the child, and income and the hours of work affect uptake of ECE services, are some of the findings of a recent Auckland University study.


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