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Funding allocation for Care in the Community welfare response

The Government has provided funding totalling $407.9m for the Care in the Community welfare response to support individuals and whānau who contract COVID-19 and need extra support isolating under the health guidelines. The funding goes to agencies and community providers.

$176m (including $5m to support households with broader COVID-related issues) has been allocated for Community Connectors who support households in self-isolation with critical welfare needs. There are 500 Community Connectors contracted through to June 2023, which is an expansion of the Community Connection Service to reach more communities.

$162.4m has been allocated for critical food support including food parcels and ready-to-eat meals. This includes $15m for MSD’s Food Secure Communities programme.

The Care in Community welfare response is regionally led, so funding is mainly allocated to MSD regions.

This information dates from 10 May 2022 and may be revised.

For more detail about how funding has been allocated, download the PDF.

Regional funding

To manage MSD's CPF appropriation, funding has been split by MSD Region. The 11 RPSCs will disburse regional leadership group funding for 16 regions based largely on regional and unitary council boundaries. It is noted that Nelson and Tasman operates as one region (agreed by the Mayors) and Chatham Islands operates as a separate regional leadership group.

MSD region Regional leadership and iwi partnership (total $18.1m) Coordinated assessment (total $8.3m) CAP funding (total $4.4m with $2.2m regionally allocated) Community connectors – additional 500 FTEs (total $178.6m)
Tai Tokerau, Northland $1,523,863 $535,211 $208,000 45
Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland $2,516,062 $827,157 $789,000 171
Waikato $1,575,547 $535,211 $197,000 39
Bay of Plenty and Taupo $1,675,343 $535,211 $253,000 44
East Coast $1,903,696 $1,070,421 $168,000 33
Taranaki $1,435,366 $535,211 $141,000 28
Central $1,425,713 $535,211 $121,000 30
Wellington $1,109,047 $535,211 $108,000 24
Top of the South $2,025,936 $1,605,632 $32,000 21
Canterbury $1,382,541 $535,211 $82,000 32
Southern $1,555,887 $1,070,421 $100,000 22

This information:

  • includes funding across financial years 2021 / 2022 and 2022 / 2023
  • shows allocation of funding
  • does not show the funding that has been spent.
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