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Community Connection Service

From 3 December 2021, New Zealand transitioned into the new COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF), or traffic light system, where people with COVID-19 will self-isolate within the community.

The Community Connection service has been expanded to flexibly respond to ongoing demands under the CPF, and to ensure the diverse needs of individuals and whānau who are self-isolating can be met by making sure they have access to the support and services they need.

The expansion of the Community Connection service complements the wider welfare approach and will continue to be a ‘go to’ service for people affected by the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

Community Connectors have been repositioned/realigned to deliver the Community Connection service, to support the CPF.

What is the Community Connection service?

The Community Connection service takes an active approach to ensuring people needing help are able to access information, support and services across multiple government agencies and service providers.

The Community Connectors support the welfare needs of individuals and whānau to keep them safe while isolating at home / in the community. Community Connectors navigate and connect individuals and whānau to various services available during and in transition from self-isolation.

Where is the Community Connection service available?

We’ve partnered with existing MSD-funded service providers in communities where there is need. These providers have the capacity and the workforce to deliver the Community Connection service. This list of providers will be updated as we expand services.

How do I get help for a Community Connector?

Everything you need to know to get help while self-isolating is on the Work and Income website.

For providers: Community Connector guidelines

Download the Community Connector guidelines (PDF 186 KB)

This is version 1 of the guidelines, dated 31 December 2021.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please email with the subject line ‘Community Connection Service’ with any questions.

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