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COVID-19 Protection Framework guidance for social service providers

The COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) or 'traffic light system' is part of our COVID-19 response plan. As the Omicron outbreak reached its peak, the traffic light system was reviewed to ensure that it is still fit for purpose.

A number of tools that were developed to fight the spread of COVID-19 were designed to protect an unvaccinated population from earlier variants of the virus.

The Government’s focus now is to make life simpler and closer to normal, but retain the things that have proven effective in reducing the spread of the virus, such as masks and indoor capacity limits when an outbreak is particularly severe.

The guidance and advice on this website will be updated to reflect any changes in the COVID-19 Protection Framework Order.

Operating under traffic lights

Social services can operate at all traffic light settings but some requirements change in different settings.

Understanding this guidance

Read all three parts to this guidance together:

Guidance for all COVID-19 Protection Settings

Traffic light guidance for providers

Other operational guidance

You also need to read the overarching COVID-19 Protection Framework – Unite against COVID-19

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