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Oranga Tamariki Action Plan

About the Action Plan

The Oranga Tamariki Action Plan is a cross-government commitment to promote the best interests and wellbeing of children, young people, their families and whānau with the greatest need.

The Action Plan and its implementation plan set out how Oranga Tamariki, the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Development and Justice, and the New Zealand Police will work together to prioritise the wellbeing of children and young people with the greatest need. A key focus is preventing them coming into care, addressing their needs when they’re in care, and supporting their transitions into adult life.

More information is on the Oranga Tamariki Action Plan website.

MSD's role in the Action Plan

MSD is committed to making sure that children and young people in the greatest need and their families and caregivers have a decent standard of living. We want them to be supported by a thriving and resilient community sector, with regional, iwi and community collaboration to promote wellbeing and prevent harm.

One key role for MSD in the Action Plan is supporting care-experienced young people on to transition pathways leading to employment, education or training. This is also currently a Welfare Overhaul priority.

MSD is working alongside other agencies to respond to evidence of health, education and housing needs.

MSD also has an important role to support the work of the Regional Public Service Commissioners (RPSCs). Under the Action Plan, the RPSCs have a role in driving support for and engagement in the Action Plan, delivering actions through regional leadership (agencies, iwi, local government and partners) to enable locally-led solutions.

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