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Update on the New Ministry for Disabled People

A new milestone has been reached in our work to establish the new Ministry for Disabled People.

Establishment of the new Ministry

It’s vital that the new Ministry for Disabled People is set up in a way that is in partnership with disabled people and whānau, and reflects the tripartite relationship between disabled people, Māori, and the Crown.

In these early stages we are focussed on building an operating structure that allows the new Ministry to be effective from day one.

At the same time, it is just as important to have in place partnerships based on strong relationships, mutual support and respect for each other’s knowledge and skills, and shared decision making and collective ownership.

We know that achieving better outcomes for disabled people (including disabled tamariki and rangatahi), tāngata whaikaha Māori and whānau (including parents, caregivers, and guardians) depends on transforming how government works with them.

To do that, we have focussed on making sure there is strong input and oversight from the disabled community and Māori on the set up of the Ministry, and recruitment of disabled people into the unit to help ensure the new agency is fit for purpose.

Nothing about us without us

We have heard your voices and want you to know that the establishment of the Ministry must embody the principle of “nothing about us without us” and so the overall responsibility for its establishment will be led by disabled people. The nine strong Establishment Governance Group is made up of six disabled people, with three of those being tangata whaikaha Māori, and three senior government officials from MSD and MoH.

In addition, there will be a Community Steering Group made up of disabled people, whānau and family who will provide advice and guidance and provide connections across the wider disability community.

The new Executive Director of the Establishment Unit has also been confirmed, and we welcome Justine Cornwall to the team.

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