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Brochures - New Ministry for Disabled People

A dedicated Ministry for Disabled People is coming!

The Establishment Unit has produced a brochure to be available at public spaces all over New Zealand along with a poster. It covers information on the new Ministry as well as the work the Establishment Unit has been doing in its set up.

If you are interested in having a read, you can click on the links below.

We are in progress of getting all alternate formats completed.

If you could like us to mail you a physical copy, please email us at: Establishmentunit@msd.govt.nz and we will make sure to pop one (or more) in the post for you.

Your guide to what the new Ministry will do

The Establishment Unit’s Future Operating Model team have put together a guide for all you need to know about the new Ministry when it begins on 1 July. At the moment, it is in digital forms only, with a printed addition coming soon after the Ministry launches. Please find here all the alternate formats as well as word document version.

You will be able to download this video onto your own device so that you can upload it to your own platform.

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