Cape Reinga

Our position on the use of pseudonyms by staff dealing with our most volatile clients

21 September 2017.

In response to an interlocutory decision of the New Zealand Social Security Appeal Authority:

The health and safety of my staff is absolutely critical.

That is why we use pseudonyms for staff in the Remote Client Unit.

The Remote Client Unit works with our most volatile clients, to the extent that our people do not meet with them face to face.

These are a tiny group of our clients, around 80 clients out of a total of 1.1m.

Pseudonyms protect Unit staff and on occasion members of the Benefit Review Committee from being identified and potentially placed at greater risk of harassment, threats or even violence, both within and outside of their work environment

We take the Authority’s interlocutory decision extremely seriously, given the issues raised, and our commitment to ensuring the safety for our staff.

We are considering our legal position in relation to the Authority’s decision.

I refute any claim that a personal undertaking was given to discontinue the use of pseudonyms.

The documents will show that.

Brendan Boyle, Chief Executive

Cape Reinga
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